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Vomit taste after taking hydroxycut

I just started back up on hydroxycut again. When I took my first pill, everything was fine. Then I had a bowl of cereal about an hour later. And after every time I swallowed, I would get this terrible taste in my mouth. It tastes acidic, like how after you vomit, you have that taste in your mouth for a while. At first I thought, I had bad milk in my cereal. But it lasted all day. Between meals, it would just kind of linger in my mouth. It really got bad when I ate. I thought it would go away, but after 2 days of taking the didn't. So on the third day I decided to stop. I know its only been half a day, but I havent had a pill in about 20 hours. And I still have the taste in my mouth. I did some research online and found one other person complain about this symptom when taking hydroxycut, this person said it was due to the new sugar coating. But I have found no solutions or any other reasons why. Their website doesn't address this side affect either. I've brushed my teeth and tongue many times, tried different drinks other than water...nothing. Does anyone know what might cause this and how to get rid of it?
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replied March 11th, 2009
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Unsure what exactly causes it...could be the drug reaction to your body chemistry and how to get rid of it? Stop taking it and give it a few days to get out of your system. In the meantime, lots of breath mints....
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