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Vomit stuck in throat

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I went out last night and drank quite a lot. When I woke up this morning I felt pretty ill and was then sick. Afterwards I washed my mouth out and cleaned my teeth but I think there is a bit stuck in my throat. It's not like a normal stuck-in-the-throat feeling though, it tastes very acidy and I can kind of feel this acidy stuff in there (I guess since it came from my stomache it has got some acid from there). It tastes and feels horrible! I don't know what to do Sad
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replied April 26th, 2013
What you've got is a few things going on. A night of drinking can put you at risk for reflux, which can swell the back of your mouth and throat and make you think you have something stuck in the back of the throat. In the future, sleep in the lazy boy on those nights, propped up. Or put 8 inches of brick under the feet at the head of your bed on those nights.
Or you could have a ZENKER's DIVERTICULUM which is usually picked up at an earlier age. It's a big pouch where food gets caught.
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