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Vitiligo treatment ?

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Dear Doctor & friends!

My wife is 8th month pregnant now and 3 months ago we notice white patches (depigmentation) on her skin at hands, legs and slightly at lips. Then, immediately we have consulted our local Dermatologist and diagnosed with “Vitiligo”. [She is also having premature graying of hair and there NO Family history of the disorder.] Dr. told that he can prescribe her (oral pills) medicines, until she finish breast feed her baby and suggested an ointment. Really this disappointed us a lot and we are afraid of spreading of pigments, meanwhile.

She is unable to cope with the fact that she has ‘Vitiligo’ and feels embarrassed, ashamed, depressed, or worried about how others will react. I’ understand her problem and trying to provide emotional support. But…

Please Doctor, tell us is there any latest drug to cure the Vitiligo problem? Is there any permanent solution? Or at least should get stopped, where it is now? What about her unborn baby inside her womb? Will this affect our sexual relationship and future pregnancy also? Because we don’t want our babies to suffer with the same disease, as she suffers now.

Also, tell us about the possible treatment choices and important medical care.

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