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Vitamins To Help Stay Erect ?

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I'm having casual sex with a guy who's a vegan. He's really hard in the beginning ( during oral sex), but he goes limp as soon as he puts the condom on. According to a couple of my friends, the lack of vitamins in his diet is the reason why he can't stay hard. WHat kinds of vitmains should I suggest that he take before we meet up again? The only one that I know off hand would be zinc. Can anyone else help me?
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replied July 2nd, 2012
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tell him to drink some organic coffee before you have sex or just a shot of espresso. or tell him to start working out. A strong, or stronger heart can do the job. or some strong raw cocoa. but yes, nutrients can and should make a big difference. I can't speak on behalf of a vegan, I eat everything that is in the food pyramid.
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