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Hi. I'm either sick, or I lack some sort of vitamins. I tend to think about vitamins now, because I am not very rich, so sometimes I barely eat, and often don't eat food with much vitamins. Usually eating the same food. So I'd like to ask, what do you think is wrong with me? Some facts:

I have difficulties waking up, but that's because I sleep 4-6 hours most of the time.
I feel weak often. Not like I cannot lift some thing, well that sometimes too, but I just feel weak, very tired. Sometimes even on the weekends, when I sleep 10 hours.
I have a bad eyesight(Because of computer probably).
Sometimes I'm dizzy with no reason.
Sometimes i feel headache, very rarely.
I have normal temperature.
I'm having difficulties thinking past 2 months, and usually I'm very smart.(past 2 months only this)
I'm sleepy 90% of the time (probably because of the sleepiness).
I'm blowing nose sometimes often.
I've difficulties sometimes remembering things.
I've never smoked. I'm not drinking, nor used to.

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