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Vitamins & Minerals how long are they effective for

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Hi I have epilepsy and I am going to try various Vitamin & minerals to hopefully help it , I also have poor circulation in my lower legs & feet. Does anyone know how long in hours these vitamins and minerals are active for ?.

Vit C (ester C) =
Omega 3 =
Calcium / Magnesium =
Vit D =
Vit E =
Vit A =
Vit K =
B-12 =
B-6 =
Tumeric =
Cayenne pepper =

Thank you Craig
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replied October 26th, 2017
B6, B12, Vitamin C all are going to be faster because they are water soluble.
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replied June 27th, 2018
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B vitamins are the best for you.
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