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vitamins / minerals /herbs that prevent low blood sugar?

Hello Folks,

Hope you are all okay.

I have been diagnosed with having a subtle blood sugar disorder back in 2013, i have cut out alot of sugar i used to have. My blood sugar has never been documented to go low but the doctor confirmed it was reactive hypoglycemia symptoms which were not linked to a specific disease. I have had many blood tests to name a few i have had the following checked thyroid, hormones, glucose tolerance tests, cortisol, hemoglobin A1c, i have also had MRI scans of the brain and heart nothing has been found.

However the symptoms seem to be getting worse, despite being on a sensible diet. I have been recommended if i am struggling to take acarbose by my endocrinology doctor, which is for type 2 diabetics, however i am worried about the side effects and i am not sure if this would help the condition.

I please wondered if anyone knew any vitamins / minerals i could add to my diet that might help strengthen my body, or any herbs that could prevent the low blood sugar attacks i am having? Currently i am having 2 - 3 low blood sugar attacks a day which is very upsetting and not very nice. Further does anyone please know any good snacks to have when walking around, that might be high protein and low sugar? I have tried eating a small bag of almonds when i felt a low blood sugar attack coming on, but it seemed to make my blood sugar fluctuations worse.

Thank you so much for reading my concerns and any help would be appreciated. I really am struggling and it certainly is not an enjoyable life at the moment especially with these attacks 2 - 3 times a day. It really is hard trying to manage this condition in a better way, as there is no specific reason why i am having these low blood sugar attacks. I may have to consider trying the acarbose if i cannot seem to get control of my condition.

Many thanks,

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