I want to try a vitamine B complex because I feel like I might be low on them. I've done some research and I found that instead of taking one type of vit. B, it's best to take the complex because they work better when all of them taken together. Also, taking just one might deplete another. It also says that vit B1, B2 & B6 should be dosed evenly. But what is the correct dose? Every label says something different. If 100% ADH is what you need, why do some labels go overboard with 400%? Does anyone have any idea what the best choice of a B-complex brand is? I prefer something natural and dosed in the right way (whatever that may be... all vitamins the same amount? For example, all of them 100 mg?) so I know I'm helping my body instead of ruining it.

Now that I'm writing this, I wonder if any of you think it's better to chose certain foods that contain vitamin B's. But I've also read somewhere that food contains less and less vitamins because the ground is depleted from minerals en vitamins.

I really hope somebody here knows more about this than I do Wink
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