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Vitamin A intakes from food

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'm a little worried here..........................

Well thing is I decided to not take prenatals from the begining because my stomach can't handle multivitamins and second because I found all of the have Vitamin A which as we know can cause birth defects in excess. Well the reason I have tried to be more cautious is because 5 years ago I took accutane and I got sick afterwards. Anyways I'm taking vitamins but I'm only DHA, Folic acid and Iron supplements and the doctor said it is perfect what I'm doing. Well thing is I been craving drinking milk during this 1 trimester. And milk big time calms my stomach from the nausea (I'm 10 weeks). So I have been drinking a lot of milk. About 6-7 glasses a day. It's a lot. But thing is milk comes fortified with vitamin A preformed which is different to beta carotene. Because it reads 10% I had not been worried thinking well it will take a lot of milk anyways to reach an excess but when I do math here one cup having 500 IU multiplied by the 6 glasses I drink during the day it's about 6,000 IU I have been ingesting about daily of preformed during my 1st trimester. Didn't know the limit was 3,000IU for pregnant woman. And thank god for not taking a prenatal with additional vitamin A. Well the thing is today I woke up and my skin in face was peeling off. This kind of skin peeling has happened to me before, when I was taking accutane. I did research and found that for causing teratogenic effects the intake has to be above 8,000 IU's which calms me down a bit but then the normal population has not taken accutane. 6,000 IU's of vitamin A is not going to make normal people skin to peel off but to me it does as I can see. So this amount must be toxic for me and I just wonder then if I might have caused any harm to the baby. Everything is fortified with vitamin A out there.. milk, butter, yogurts, cheese it's crazy. I'm still amazed why almost all prenatals have vitamin A, I think they assume the woman is not drinking milk at all, nor eats cheese or yogurts. Beware ladies.
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