I'm a 25 year old male and I've been experiencing a couple of symptoms for the last couple of months. Before I start I should mention I've been to an ophthalmologist a couple of weeks ago, and she put me on the borderline glaucoma category. I've normal eye pressure, but my left eye has some issues, and she told me to go back to do a retina exam in June. I didn't go there because of these disturbances, but because my mother has glaucoma, so I decided to get tested just in case. I was a bit shocked she did find something, so I ended up forgetting to mention these symptoms to her. She said I've dry eyes and put me on drops for it. I'm health overall, but I also have Elhers-Danlos syndrome, photophobia and slight myopia.

The symptoms are:

- I see floaters and flashes, not enough to be intrusive, but it happens few times a day. In the dark, I see quite a lot of tiny green flashes in the middle of my vision, along with static
- I see lines that aren't there in screens, specially when I move my eyes around. Those lines are whitish and bright. It's worse on my right eye.
- I see a shadow when I look as three dimensional objects, like door frames, wall corners, tables. It has the same shape of the object I'm looking at, put appears around it, like a shadow, like a transparent shadow.
- I've poor night vision.
- I've difficulty going down stairs, because I've difficulty seeing where each step ends. I don't have any problems going upwards tho.

That's all I can think of now. Did anyone experience something like this? Thanks in advance!
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