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visual and hearing disturbances

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I have a 12yo daughter that is currently experiencing random symptoms. Let me explain with an example.Just yesterday while at church she had a "pain in her head", visual distrubances, her hearing suddenly got louder and she felt light headed. Then again this morning she had her vision go "odd". These symptoms do not have to all happen in co-exsistence together, they can just happen signularlly.

A little history on my daughter...she has a developmental delay (mild/moderate), speech delay, Velophyanganal Insufficency, had palate surgery to help with speech issuses.She was also diagnosised with juvenille migraines at 4 yrs(no migraines for about 3 years).

Anyways, I am becoming a little concerned with all of this. I know that it may be a return of the migrines. Although all of these sypmtoms do not make me think that it all leads to migraines. My mothers instinc is telling me that there is something else, although maybe I am just be a 'worrying mother'.

Thank you so much for looking at all of this. If you need any clarification please do not hestiate to ask.


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