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Vision Problems with no cause??

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In February of 2010 I began losing weight and have since lost a total of 110 lbs. I also had PRK surgery done in both eyes around the same time and achieved 20/20 vision in both eye. I am still considered "mildly obese" now but a shadow of my former self. In the summer of 2010 I noticed my hair thinning on the crown of my head. No one in my family has thinning hair and it does not seem to have improved despite always wearing it down instead of always wearing it up like I used to. (Once i noticed the thinning I have never put it in a pony tail since and the ponytail sat right at the crown of my head) In late January 2011 I was standing at work and became disoriented, saw bright flashing white lights to the upper right side of my vision, and felt confused and off balanced. I thought I was dehydrated or maybe even hung over (I am only 23, was working out regularly every morning, and do drink once or twice a week.) I basically shook it off but noticed that I felt "off" all day. At the gym that afternoon my right foot kept hitting the right side of the treadmill, and I felt off balance again. Finally I compared my vision in both eyes and saw that I have little blurry circles all over my vision field in my right eye only, and anything I actually tried to focus on (like an eye chart) goes blurry. Since noticing this I have had an unbelievable amount of tests done. Vitamin levels (normal), multiple MRI's (with and without contrast dyes, all normal), visual field tests (large blind spot on the right side of my right eye), an angiography with a fluorescien dye (normal), and extensive blood work - everything from Lupus to Syphilis - ALL NORMAL. The only thing that is apparent is that I do have an enlarged blind spot in my right eye. There is no inflammation, disease, scarring, or anything else wrong with my eye. I am told that this is in no way related to PRK surgery. Months after my initial "spell" I still have blurry circles in my vision (right eye only) and cant seem to adjust to the dark as well with that eye.

What happened to me?
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