Hi - I get headaches when wearing glasses. I've been to see 4/5 eye doctors and my eyes are healthy. My subscription has changed slightly over the recent years. I have slight Stigmatism which is what seems to change a bit in the subscriptions. Sometimes, I can wear the glasses for an hour without to much of a problem but usually l get a headache quickly after putting them on. I've tried wearing them for a few days straight but I have to rip them off my face after a while as its too much. I have more than ten pairs of glasses and all do the same. I usually wear contacts and don't get headaches with them; although sometimes I can see more sharply then other times (could be tiredness?).

When I wore glasses in my teens I don't believe they were ever adjusted for Stigmatism.

I'm 38.

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replied February 15th, 2016
Any ideas or tips?
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replied March 4th, 2016
Anyone... Bueller.... Fry....?
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