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Vision fades and goes black

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Hey, I just joined hoping that someone could help me, give me advice, anything!

I'm 14 years of age, I have increasingly become concerned about whether or not I suffer from any kind of medical condition. I'll let you know of the symptoms, occasionally when I stand up or even sometimes when I cam walking my vision can gradually fade and go black, it last for a few seconds and I become unbalanced, dizzy and can feel all of the energy within me go, I may get a headache too. After a few seconds my vision fades back to normal and I recover my balance.
I also feel tired and can have a hard time concentrating in school, its more of a physical and part mental block, I also feel tired.

I am very pale, I'm pretty sure I've been pale my whole life, but could it be a symptom?
I recently did running in PE and after only 200-400 meters I was exhausted, I had trouble with my breathing, my chest hurt, I felt sick and fizzy and developed a chest pain and cough.

Possible low blood sugar?
Help! Thanks

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