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Virgin - breasts swollen, sore, darker nipples - not pregnant

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I am a virgin in my 20's. My period is not due for a week, but for over a week now by breasts have been sore and swollen. The nipples may be a bit darker, somewhat purple, and I have noticed blue veins, though those might have been there before and I'm just looking for pregnancy symptoms out of paranoia... Again, I have not had sex. (I have become more physically active with my boyfriend, which I hear can change your hormones, but we have not had sex, nor has his sperm come near me. I've also done my research on pre-ejaculate, and there doesn't seem to be a way this could have impregnated me either.)

Could there be other reasons for these changes besides pregnancy? If they are just hormonal changes, when will they go away?
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replied April 5th, 2011
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Amelia, this is normally a sign of low progesterone and elevated estrogen. This can be caused by many things and it occurs naturally on certain days of your cycle. Your body is not a machine that performs exactly the same every single cycle. A change in diet or an increase in stress can cause it, as can starting to exercise without a good bra, a new bra or having your breasts fondled hard.

Your cycle also change throughout your life as your fertility change from the high point in your early 20's.

If this bothers you, see your doctor.

PLEASE be very careful when making out!
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