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Viral infection hanging on

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I recently went on a trip with 3 other people and we all came down with a viral infection. The main symptoms were very sore throat, fever no more than 100 deg F, bronchitis, and conjuctivitis (red eyes). We are all still suffering 3 weeks later. My husband and I still have a cough and sore throat that comes and goes. And, we've all had significant ear congestion - probably from all the swelling in our sore throats. In fact, I've had to fly twice in the past 2 weeks and could not get my ears cleared up enough to be able to adjust for pressure. That was not fun!

In the mornings, my throat, nose, and eyes are so dry - I can't function at all until I use eye drops, drink some water, and use some saline nasal spray. We also still have fatigue and have to take a nap if there is any physical activity early in the day (such as housekeeping, grocery shopping, etc). My back is bothering me and I'm worried that I might now have kidney involvement. As I sit here typing, the right side of the back of my throat is sore, as is the same side of the back of my tongue.

Unless the H1N1 vaccine isn't working, it can't be that because we all had the vaccine. It is the most bizarre viral infection I've ever had. What's wierd is that I haven't see anything in the news or in any of the healthcare websites I frequent (I'm a healthcare professional). Would be interested in hearing if others have experienced something similar in the past few months. Because of the conjunctivitis component, I'm thinking it's one of the adenoviruses. Whatever it is, it's a doozy. And, some pharmaceutical company needs to work on a vaccine!
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