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Violent and extremely vivid dreams

Hi I'm an eighteen year old male and I've been diagnosed with bipolar disorder about three years ago. Recently I've been having a heavy increase in intense and violent dreams where I'm having at least three dreams a night every night of the week for the past month. In the past I've had them occasionally but not as persistent. For example a dream I've had in the past is I've watched my dad jump off a building and see his body hit the concrete. I go up to hold his body and I can feel the warmth of the blood and smell it. My dreams are always more real than being awake and it seems that my senses are more tuned then when I'm awake. I can feel pain and emotion. In my recent dreams I have died by choking or suffocating for what feels like hours and I have dreamt of being electricuted to death multiple times in the past. Even if my dreams are not violent they make absolutely no sense. In the past I have had dreams of killing people in violent ways but recently the dreams have been more directed towards me and I have had one where I was stabbed to death and watched knives go into my body and feel every stab. I wake up in the mornings and I can still "feel" and see the dreams as if I was still dreaming while I was awake. Sometimes this "aura" lasts an hour to almost all day. I've been on ambien 10mg for 4 years and haven't had much problems sleeping until this past year in which I started taking 3mg of melotonin and I think it caused an increase in dreams so I stopped taking it. I have smoked small amounts of marijuana before bed in the past and it has completely taken away any dream. My current prescriptions are: Ambien 10mg, Concerta 36mg-once daily, Xanax .5 mg-as needed. I haven't been on any anti-depressant, mood-stabalizer, or anti-psychotic in over a year. I used to be heavily over medicated on anti psychotics starting around three years ago. I was on seroquel 300mg, 200mg at night and 100mg in the morning(before school). And when that medicine was changed I was taken off without lowering the dosage of it and put on risperadal for a while and then again taken off without lowering the dosage and then put on a heavy dose of geodon. Once I was put on Geodon I was fed up of the side effects of the neuroleptics so I stopped taking them along with the anti-depressents and mood stabalizers. I'm not sure if the antipsychotics have had anything to do with my sleep but I haven't recovered from the neuroleptics side effects in over a year and my cognitive skills are still mush. I would really like to find an answer for this because the dreams are really affecting my school and makes my days harder than they already are. Thank you in advance.
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