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Viginal discharge

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For about three years now I have had discharge every day. It started out white but has turned yellow. It doesn't really smell except just before or after my period. I told my doctor about it but she said if its not green she cant do a thing about it. I have to wear pads every day and its a nusense. I saw an advert for BV, could this be what it is?
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replied March 23rd, 2009
First you need to make one distinction. Sometimes normal vaginal discharge can dry to a yellow color. That's perfectly normal.
If the discharge starts out yellow, it can be a symptom of both bacterial vaginosis and trichomoniasis. Do you have any other symptoms besides an odor now and then? Any itching, burning, irritation, fever, abdominal pain, pain urinating, pain during sex...?
Also, if your doctor is not listening to you, you need to find another one, if possible.
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