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Views on the Dukan Diet please?

Hello, I have recently quit smoking - going into my 7th week (although had 4 slip ups). I have put on a fair bit of weight already, my shift patterns are on nights so I also find that doesn't help as eating more out of boredom.
I am hoping to change my lifestyle once again, diet wise this time! And wondering whether giving the Dukan Diet a go for a kick start. Anyone been on this diet and what are you reviews please?
I have read over the book, my main concern is the lack of vegetables, fruit, etc involved in it - although to be honest I rarely eat healthily so perhaps this diet would introduce me finally how to use vegetables etc differently and how to bring them into a daily routine?
I am 5'4 and weigh 8 stone 13, I have noticed it has gone to my stomach and front area in general. My usual weight stays around 8 stone 3 ish, fluctuates usually but I have never gained this amount of weight so fast.
I understand I am not overweight, but when you have been at an average weight most of your life, then suddenly gain weight - It has had a huge effect on my self esteem already.
Im not the healthiest of people, although trying to change this step by step - quitting smoking being the first hurdle, now although wanting to lose weight gained, I also want to have a healthier diet.
Any experiences on this diet would be beneficial.
Thank You
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