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Vibrations / Shaking upon waking

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Hello - I am 29 years old and for the past few weeks have been waking up feeling like my body is vibrating and when I look at my hands, they are shaking. It is like this for a few minutes, sometime longer, sometimes less, but it is always in the morning and always when I wake up. I am pretty healthy, do not smoke, drink occasionally, not often. I am in good health, but I did suffer postpartum depression after the birth of my second child. One child is 11 years old, second is 11 months old. I am currently taking Lexapro 20 MG 1 X a day and Klonopin .5 MG 1 X a day for the depression and anxiety. Started these meds back in December of 2008. I have noticed lately that I have been remembering (maybe waking during) my dreams or when I wake up in the am, I am dreaming right before I wake. Have not been sleeping well, youngest child is not sleeping well, so mommy doesn't get a good nights sleep either. Can someone tell me why I am feeling this upon waking? Thank you!!
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replied September 28th, 2014
HI, Mommy JW.

I was just researching something I've been experiencing, which I call "brainquakes," and I saw your post. What you describes sounds like what I've been experiencing since the post-partum year with my second daughter who is now two. It seems we not only have that in common but also the pattern of interrupted sleep, post-partum depression and our initials! (I am also JW.) Would you be willing to chat more about your experience and compare notes in hopes of gaining insight into what may be going on?

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