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vestibular migraine symptoms ?

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Where to start, where where - I've ready SO MANY of the topics and have to admit it helps.

2 months ago I 'went blind' for a half hour, to say I freaked out is an understatement, I felt like someone had just canceled the rest of my life.

I got over it and then BAM one month ago it happened again - 30 min of semi-blindness with some flashing lights. Sort of like a bad mushroom trip I had many years ago.

I did research and realized it was classic symptoms of 'migraine with aura' - wow, sweet - so I'm not going blind - i just have migraines..

In my case I believe (and I'm throwing it out there for anyone elses benefit) my migraines were caused by EXTREME eye strain - each time i had been wearing my one-day-disposable contacts for up to two weeks (stupid) each time I had a migraine it was when I just woke up and I could barely open my eyes cause of extreme dry eyes and walked out into the sunlight... Hello migraine.

Since then I've gotten some glasses and taken care of my eyes and have had no more symptoms of migraine with aura or even the usual 'spotting' that i used to get on daily basis.

Not the rough part.

my last migraine with aura (one month ago) passed in about 1/2 hour - but it came with pain.. yikes - around my eyes and temples - as many of you know; NOT FUN.

I was traveling in Japan at the time and I had to stay in my hotel for the next 3 days because of severe motion sickness, riding in taxis, riding on the train made me want to vomit (I didn't)

This too I've read is a classic symptom of vestibular migraines.

it's been 4 or 5 weeks since then - the migraine w/ aura is long gone, the motion sickness is gone - but every day I (try) to live with this awful light-headed sensation, 'light-headed' is not exactly right - almost surreal - like a bad trip.

When I wake up I feel GREAT, I can work out, have sex, lift weights with no problems, I can drive my motorbike no prob.. But send me to the grocery store and I feel like I'll fall over and pass out - I'm extremely over-sensitive to visual stimuli..

I don't fall over, don't pass out, but I DO just feel like something is very very wrong' - I usually run home take a nap and as soon as I wake up everything is fine again. The light-headed symptoms don't develop until I'm up and about for about 3 hours.

I also suffer from panic attacks - (since I was 15 - I'm 35 now).. It can do some really strange things to me - 2 years ago I walked around with 25+ daily heart palpitations for no good reason until I got over that. So part of me wonders if 'going blind' was just really traumatic and that the dizziness is just the panic attack coming around for a visit.

Why I don't think it's a brain tumor -
I read you get headaches (I don't), esp in the mornings or when exercising, lifting things - nope.

Why I don't think it's neurological -
i did all the self-tests; walking heel to toe with my eyes closed, balancing tests, scraping the bottom of my foot to see which way my toes curl, neck exercises - all fine

It could be sinus?
I did have some unpleasant drainage last week? Not normal for me

It could be inner ear?
I do have my ears pop for no reason very occasionaly - something that never normally happens.

Also when the 'event' comes on I can click my teeth together and can hear it loudly in my head - as if there were pressure in my ears or head - just like when I have a head cold.. weird eh? but when the dizziness is gone I click my teeth and it's normal..

If I drink a few beers the sensations dull (or masks it) and if I take half a xanax it calms down a little but not fully - the only treatment seems to be to take a nap (i'm sleepy alot lately) or to avoid situations that really freak me out - stores, malls, people..

has ANYONE got any advice for me? Or has anyone gone through this?

I live in the Philippines (a remote place) so there's no easy access to a Dr, and even if there were - I doubt I could go find a migraine specialist like I could if I were back in New York.

I have access to meds and was thinking about taking magnesium supplements, or trying out topamax or effexor.. any advice?

THANKS SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good luck.
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replied March 14th, 2009
Blinding Migraine (yes or no)
Your symptoms sound identical to my symptoms: I experienced aura periodically over the past 20 years, although, never blindness until recently. I completely lost my vision (went black) in my right eye for about 4 minutes. I saw an ophthalmologist who did some retinal scans to see if I had adequate blood flow - the test showed all was normal.

Have you considered having your carotid artery examined? Mine was normal. I had an aortic heart valve replaced 2 years ago. They are concerned that the tissue valve is causing the problem; not typical for this type of valve. My cardiologist put me on a blood thinner as a precautionary intervention.

Is it migraine or is it a heart valve issue?
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replied January 22nd, 2010
vestibular migraines
I'm on Calcium channel blockers and they help tremendously with the dizzy, carsick feeling that is constantly there with vestibular migraines. I have little/no side effects and it works great.
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