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Very strong Guilt

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Please could someone help. Im only 17 and over the past 6 months i have been experiencing an awful feeling of guilt about mistakes i have made that most people wouldnt feel guilty about. I cant eat i dont wanna be awake, i cant sit still, i cant spend time with my boyfriend because i feel like i dont deserve to be with him. And it wont go away. Im scared to think about my past iincase i think of something i feel bad about. And when i feel guilty i feel like i have to tell my partner the things i have done wrong, and when i do i nearly loose him. I just want it to go away and it wont.
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replied September 24th, 2009
it is normal to feel guilty about things that we did wrong it shows that we still have a good conscious.
what i know is that there are 3 kind of souls and one of them is called the blamer. this soul always blame her self for doing any thing wrong and feels guilty all the time for any major or miner things. the cure is. to ask forgiveness from god and forgive our self because god will always forgive us because of his love and mercy. when you ask god forgiveness always believe that he will forgive you. don't tell others of what you did wrong. just forget it and ask god for forgiveness. you know about your own mistakes but you do not know about peoples mistakes because they would never tell you their dirty little secrets. every one you know have a dirty secrete because we are all human and we all do mistakes so no one is better than the other. why would you say your boyfriend doesn't deserve you maybe your the one who doesn't deserve him who knows. and maybe you both deserve each other. if you do not deserve him he would never be your boyfriend but because you do he is still your boy friend. remember that god knows each one of us .and knows what we were up too or about to do. love your self the way you are. you are a human been god created us this way to make fault and to seek forgiveness afterward. otherwise he would of only created angels whom never do mistakes but he created us to do mistakes and then ask him for his forgiveness. he love the fact that we have a choice and that we always ask him for things we want.
remember that it is normal for you to do mistakes and it is the way we are created we are sinners.we wount be normal unless we do mistakes. be aware of your self and feel better soon, other wise you will punish your self and live in mesry. don't waist your life feeling bad try to enjoy your life, and do some volunteering, or chirity to feel better about your self.
sround your self with positive people
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