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Very light period and very paranoid of pregnancy!

I lost my virginity about over 2 weeks ago and we've been sexually active a couple times ever since. We always used protection and there were no rips or tears in the condom. The last time we did it was 2 days ago. I did experience a bit of spotting a couple days after the first time but I take it that's normal because of the hymen breaking. My period did come exactly right on schedule this month but its very light and a bit brownish to where I would only see the blood when I wipe. I'm a bit paranoid that I'm pregnant but could it be possible? Could it be implantation bleeding??
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replied July 22nd, 2012
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It does not really sound like pregnancy. And since the condoms did not fail, I think you are safe.

Although there are no research on it, many women report their cycles and menstruation changing when they became sexually active. Just like women can sync their periods when living in close quarters, you are getting a good dose of testosterone exposure during sex.

Please be careful!
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