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Very light period and nausea

Hi everyone,

I’m a bit stressed at the moment and wondered if anyone could shed some light on my current predicament…

I’m 18 years old and have been sexually active for 4 months now. My periods have always been irregular, sometimes being very heavy with painful cramps and other times being light, lasting longer and with no pain at all! They still refuse to go into any kind of ‘normal’ cycle. I used to think it was just because I was young and they were still going into a normal cycle but perhaps my hormone levels are unbalanced or are just going plain crazy.

My boyfriend and I both lost our virginities to each other about 4 months ago and we have always used condoms, and properly. Although my boyfriend and I may have had a lack of experience first up we’re both very open and talk to each other about the best and safest ways to have sex so that we’re both comfortable. We’ve had no breakages with the condoms or any troubles with it slipping off.

I expected my period to arrive sometime last week, although when it didn’t it didn’t surprise me as my periods are very irregular. I thought about pregnancy being the cause and consequently began to stress (as I usually stress about most things). This week came and my ‘period’ was very light and dark brown/light brown with some streaks of red. Yesterday I woke up feeling nauseous and experienced a few light cramps which I was most pleased about (as I thought the real deal was coming), but when I went to the bathroom my period was still abnormally light. I am still feeling nauseous today.

I was just wondering what everyone’s thoughts on the matter is. Maybe the stress has caused my period to be unusually light or late, or possibly my hormone levels are unbalanced. The nausea could also be the cause of a stomach bug (as I have had the same sort of queasy no-vomiting nausea). OR maybe I’m just pregnant (although I hope not as my boyfriend and I are very careful and are ALWAYS safe =) )

If the symptoms persist and this failure of a period doesn’t redeem itself by next week I will take a pregnancy test.

Hoping to hear from you soon!!

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replied August 28th, 2009
hi, i am sort of going through this now, well the symptoms at least. but i'm married and we are trying to have another baby =] !! but i am also young, 20 years old, so i understand where you're coming from with the irregularities. i was wondering what the result was for you? did you take a test? go to the doctor? the same thing happened to me last month and now again this month. so confusing.

hope to hear from you! and hope all was okay!
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replied August 29th, 2009
Hi there!!

Wow it has been a while since this all happened!! For me it was just a case of stress, as all became normal after a few more days. I guess stress really does affect your periods!! I didn't take a test or go to the doctor since it all worked out, but if anything happens like this again in the future I think being on the safe side and at least taking a test would calm the nerves. I'm on a contraceptive pill now which has really helped make everything regular =)

I hope everything works out for you... for me it was just a case of stress but for you it might be different =) take the plunge and test!! =D

Good luck!! *fingers crossed*
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replied September 7th, 2018
Hello my last period was July 25 2018 and it's been 16 days since I miss August period and now in September I just started spotting light pink. And feel light cramps not my usually first day cramps when it hurt really bad. My hips and legs hurt but not a whole lot. Boobs sore and feel nauseous a lot but have not vomited. I've too pee test at 5 days late 10 day and 16 but negative and took one blood test at 7 days late also negative. I've never missed a period I've only been 1 or 2 days off but that's all. Any advice
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replied September 9th, 2018
Extremely eHealthy
Had you said you had sex around August 8th and not mentioned the tests, I would have put the chance of pregnancy high. Your three tests plus one blood test rule out the chance of pregnancy. Maybe a cyst is messing with you, so you could wait until your next period is due to see if that clears it up. If it does not, you are faced with a doctor visit to check for cyst or hormone upsets.
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