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Very heavy flow with extreme pain

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Im 20 years old and normally i am irregular. I am currently on the rag. I am having extreme pain and I have almost passed out due to how extreme the pain is. my abdomen is tender to the touch. When I started The bleed was like a brownish and it was like I was spotting. Now I have to change my tampon every hour or sooner(I am using super plus kotex tampons). I am also having VERY large blood clots when i go to change my tampon, the clots are almost black but still have a slight tight of red. the clots are bigger then a silver dollar. Whats does this mean. I have never had a flow this heavy.
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replied August 18th, 2010
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perfectfinish, If it does not stop soon, you have to speak to your doctor. There can be many reasons, some serious and some not serious but unusual. A super tampon an hour is however unusual and a good reason to seek help.

Remember to take an iron (Fe) supplement. You are losing iron which carry oxygen in your blood. This will make you weak and tired.

Best of luck!
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