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Very confused, possible positive hpt, odd symptoms

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Hello All!
First of all, thank you for opening this. I'm sure you all get bombarded with a million posts a day. The truth is I just have no idea what to think and I haven't seen any answer for my situation.

I have been on BC for a number of years. I've never had any issues with it and I have never thought I was pregnant before while on it. My period came, like clockwork, every 25 days. It has always been a moderate flow (sometimes heavy), lasting for around 5 solid days. This past month, however, has me very confused and in need of some advice.

My period came a bit early last month, and was very light. I figured it would go to the normal flow the next day. It didn't -- in fact in never did. It was light and spotty, never fully saturating the tampon, and only lasted about three days. I didn't think much of it at the time. I'm on the pill ... I guessed it was normal.

The next few days were filled with queasy moments, dizziness, loss of appetite. In truth I chalked it all up to my life being hectic these past few weeks. I recently got engaged, turned 25 and graduated from grad school. I didn't have time to stop and think about all of this.

I feel queasy after every meal, and sometimes between. I have been sleeping a bit more than usual and I've been moodier than I have ever been. I took an early pregnancy test a few days ago and after a few minutes I didn't see a second little line, I just took a sigh and let it go. The next morning when I looked at the test, there was a second line. Not a "ghost line", but a blue line. Faint, but still very visible.

Now, I feel light cramping, and I'm spotting very lightly (pinkish color, nothing serious). I need some opinions from those of you who have perhaps been there. Please help me!
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