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Very confused about my cycle right now. Possibly pregnant?

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This is confusing even for me, so I hope I make sense to you all (let me know if I don't!)...

I have a 29 day cycle and my period lasts 3 or 4 days, at the most. I am very regular and have been charting my cycle for a few years now. I used to chart my temperature but stopped due to lots of international travel that made it hard to temp at the same time. Anyway...

My LMP started the night of April 14 and ended the afternoon of the 18th. On the 19th my boyfriend and I had sex and the condom broke. He came ejaculated in me. We both felt (supidly) that I was ok since I just ended my period the day before, but after about a day we both decided I should take Plan B just in case.

So, to re-cap:

Period = April 14-18
Sex = April 19 (at night)
Plan B = April 21 (in the evening)

Before I took Plan B I felt cramping in my left ovary, like I was about to ovulate or get my period. (Note: I've never been sure of my Leuteal Phase or when I ovulate... even Fertility Friend couldn't help me figure out when I exactly ovulate back when I was temping!)

On the 23rd my sciatica started to flare up for the first time in nearly two years and has since been really bothersome. I've gotten very emotional lately and keep getting very faint cramping, like I'm getting my period. I've been checking my cervix to see where it is, and every day (including last night) it's extremely high (I can barely reach it) and closed, but a little bit soft.

Now, on CD12 (one week after sex and 4 and a half days after Plan B) I've started bleeding. It's not at all like my period... my period is usually deep red (not brown, but more like maroon), heavy, and with some clots; this bleeding is BRIGHT pink but it is about a medium flow.and without any clots. I put in a tampon but about 2 hours later it only had a few spots of brown blood on it and seemed to have stopped.

I'm curious what this bleeding is. It could be from Plan B, it could be implantation bleeding, it could be anything! I'm not sure.
Also, because I don't know when I ovulate, could it be at all possible that (if the Plan B didn't work) that I could have ovulated around CD5 to CD7 (the day I had sex through 2 days after)? And, if I wanted to take a pregnancy test, how in the world do I figure out when I can do so if my cycle is probably all messed up from the Plan B?

Again, I'm sorry if this is confusing or long-winded. Any adivce is welcome!
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