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Very complex, looking for some opinions or answers!!!


This may seem sort of complex, but I will be as specific and as direct as I can, to try and improve the answers, and to make this easier for you to understand.

Just a little background as to why I am choosing this site, my family doctor is on vacation, and I have gone to the hospital twice now with no results or referrals, and I feel just as awful. If I keep going back they're going to deem me a "frequent-flier" and stop taking my symptoms seriously.

A little personal background, I am 20 years old, female, and have been very healthy as far as I know until this point. I have in the past had thyroid problems, and I do commonly catch odd viruses, I got scarlet fever three years ago, and the doctor was shocked. I also have had bouts with impetigo in the past as well. So maybe my immune system sucks. I do not smoke, NEVER ever have even touched one cig, I do not have any allergies that I am aware of. And I only drink maybe three drinks every four months, I am barely a drinker. I have had breast augmentation surgery August of 2013, but healing has been great.

For the past month and a half, I have had a constant, mild, semi-cramp like pain in my lower right abdomen, it shifts specific areas every now and again, it it sometimes very close to my hip bone, and other times it is near where my right ovary may be. During the same time that the pain started, sexual intercourse became very painful along the right inner wall of my vagina. I have had excruciating periods since June 2013, but assumed it was from stopping the pill (which I now am taking again). In November of 2013 I thought I was pregnant and did not know it, my period pain was so bad, I thought I was going to faint, and pass out, or even die. It was very painful, and I was so lightheaded, but drinking a cola made me feel a little better. The pain was still excruciating but I managed to make it home without fainting. I had gone to the hospital out of fear that it was my appendix, however all of my blood counts came back normal, the doctor on duty gave me a referral to get an ultrasound the next day and the ultrasound also came back clean, and with no noticeable flaws with my uterus and/or right ovary. My urinalysis also came back clean as far as I know, and the doctor did do a PAP test, but I was not informed of any abnormal results. I then was given a CT scan with the contrast dye, and according to the doctor who read those results, I was completely fine, except for having some ascites in my abdomen, but I was given naproxen and told to go home. I myself, am a medical student, and I know that ascites can be a very dangerous symptom of severe diseases or disorders. In the weeks since the visit to the hospital I have seen my family doctor once, and he felt my stomach and abdomen and told me that it feels fine, and that I should go home. Well, since that, I have developed pitted keratolysis, migraines, nausea and fevers on a regular basis. I have also been battling on and off with being very tired easily, very dark yellow urine (but not quite orange), feeling very full from certain foods and constipation as well as the inability to eat

I am unsure at this point what my next move should be, should I go back to the ER? Or should I wait until I can see my family doctor?

They did mention that I could have endometrieosis, however what is going on with the rest of my body. It almost feels like my body is shutting down.
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First Helper BEli93

replied January 8th, 2014
Extremely eHealthy
As you are a medical student I think it would be wise to consult one of your lecturers about your symptoms in the first instance. You can carry out your owns observations and present your symptoms as a case and at least their advice will be based on real experience.

While the staff at the ER might become bored with you it is possible you will encounter a different doctor there who recognises your symptoms from previous experience.

Your own doctor is likely to be a typical general practitioner who knows less and less about more and more and is always pushed for time. At the first visit he is likely to give you easy answer number one after only a cursory examination and no alarm bells sound in his head.
If you do not return he will assume you have recovered but if you return he will be forced to take you a little more seriously and give you easy answer number two. These tend to be the formalities of dealing with a general practitioner, though most of them are really quite good once the formalities are over.

Whatever happens it is always courtesy to keep your own doctor informed.

Good luck!
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replied February 9th, 2014
OMG and I thought I was going through the mill! Poor poor you. I do know that my daughter-in-law had endometriosis and had to have operations and pain relief training (and possibly a lot of other treatments) and I believe she also had/has a weight problem, I am unable at present to discuss anything with her!

This lady has since become the mother of two beautiful little boys and although I am unable to be in regular touch with her or my son & family - I feel maybe she sadly experienced some of your symptoms, and if I get the chance I shall inquire of her experiences in more depth, and in the meantime wish you a quick recovery! Take care and good luck. J
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