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Very Bad Breath

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I've had bad breath that smells like poo-poo for more then 15 years. According to my dentist I have great dental hygiene and it is not related to my mouth. What would cause my breath to smell like poo-poo all the time. I am not a smoker and only have one glass of red wine at bedtime.
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First Helper 1butterfly1

replied March 16th, 2011
If your dentist said that you have a great dental hygiene then its not part of Bad breathing.You must try some home remedies such as Cardamom acts as a natural mouth freshener. Chewing cardamom is a good form of avoiding bad breath. Consumption of Apple cider vinegar, Gargle with a mixture of half a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar diluted with a glass of water. It protects against bad breath. Gargle in the mouth for at least 10 seconds.Its better to avoid any mouthwash containing alcohol, as it later causes a lot of bad breath.
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