I'm moving to a vegan diet due to ethic reasons. However, I'm not willing to change my diet if it involves health risks.
After exhaustive research, I have found out 5 brain nutrients we can only get from meat, eggs and fish products:
- Vitamind D3
- Vitamin B12
- Carnosine
- Creatine
- Omega 3 DHA

- Is it possible, secure and healthy to get all of them from suplements?
- Which suplements brand do you recommend? Could be possible to get all of them just from one pill (multivitamin)?
- I have heard body doesn't absorve suplement principles properly, is it true?
- Is a based plant diet suitable and rich?
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replied May 20th, 2017
Hi Uri,
A plant-based diet is actually extremely good for you. You just have to make sure to get everything you need from plants.
Be sure to consume a vegan B12 supplement every day. Get your D levels checked in your blood - you may need a supplement if you don't have enough sun exposure.
Other than that, if you are eating WHOLE plant based foods every day, plenty of greens, fruits and vegetables you will thrive!
And check out these 7 delicious quick and easy meal ideas:
soulintheraw.com/quick-easy-filling-vegan- meals
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replied January 17th, 2018
what about vegetable capsules?
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replied September 23rd, 2018
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I think the constant use of these vitamins will correct the state of health. I also like spirulina.
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