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vasovagal synocope and bad anxiety

whats up, name is daniel new here, but wanted to talk about my condition. i was diagnosed with vasovagal synocope, and its been acting up more n more, i take atenlol(beta blocker) it dont work tho, here is examples when its happened, getting tattoos,trying contacts, throwing up,at comedy concert. i can feel it coming on pretty early , so when i feel it i just get somewhere i feel safe to try n calm down, anxiety is triggering it alot latley and i need help to try n calm down my anxiety i dont know where to start, its like i have fear of fear, cuz i dnot want to pass out in public n be embaressed n stuff, thanks for the help
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replied April 9th, 2011
Hey Daniel, I have the same issue, mine happens when someone takes to me directly or when I'm in a nervous situation. The doctor told me to lay down wherever I am and not move... which is not possible while I'm at work in customer service. Breathing deep and slowly really helps. Concentrate on only breathing no matter where you are. It still doesn't always help. I have passed out once, almost twice. The first time I ran into a wall and quickly found a place to sit and put my head down. The second time I wasn't so lucky and I was at a hospital visiting my friend after surgery. I was very nervous and didn't know what to say. I was leaning against a wall, got really hot, sweaty, then dizzy. Next thing I knew I was on the other side of the hospital room waking up on the floor. There's really no control over it when it comes to passing out. My heart rate was 63/30. Luckily I was at a hospital so they got me into the ER since I hit my head. Like I said, really focus on the breathing, it really does help.
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