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Varying pain in back neck & shoulders but can't find root

Exactly three years ago I was involved in head on car crash. Broken hips wrist and severe bruising from seat belt on thigh/groin/hip. Since that day I've had back problems. MRi shows spine is fine. One day it's aright neck, another shoulder another lower back and occasional spasms leave me in severe pain for 2-3 days. Four different physics, two doctors and three medicalise later I still can't find the cause. I exercise regularly and have a suspicion that the aforementioned bruising on my hip region has possibly led to a hip problem that might be causing this random back, neck and shoulder pain. Any thoughts anyone.
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replied December 30th, 2012
Especially eHealthy

Unfortuantely, when motor vehicle accidents occur, the occupents within the vehicle are moved around quite violently. This can cause a significant amount of soft tissue damage, from bruise, strains, and sprains, to actually tearing of the fascia which holds a lot of the soft tissues together.

This all can cause unknown or undetected injuries. Many of which cannot really be determined on exam or studies, yet still bother the patient from time to time.

Unfortunately, there is also not a lot that can be done from them. Most patients eventually learn ways to work out the problem with physical therapy or exercises, or manage them with different types of modalities (ice/heat, massage, diathermy, ultrasound, etc).

You might try to see a physiatrist (specialist in PM&R - physical medicine and rehabiliation), if you have not already seen one.

Good luck. Hope your problems subside, or you find a way to manage them.
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