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varying joint pains following carpal tunnel surgery

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Mid September I had carpal tunnel surgery on my left hand followed by surgery on my right hand 5 weeks later.For the most part all of the symptoms I was experiencing prior to the surgerys have vanished and I consider the procedures a success, however I am now having pain in my shoulders, wrists, and hips. These pains for the last 4to6 weeks have been with me from the time I awake until I loosen up 3 to4 hours later. I have had some lab work done including rhumatoid arthritis tests that have come back negative. Sure would like to get a grip on this as it is affecting my sleep, work, and relationships.
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replied March 11th, 2011
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Hi bluegriz and welcome to ehealth: Have you asked your Orthopedist about this problem?...Unfortunately, I have heard of this happening previously...Makes you wonder if during the recovery that you are putting additional stress on your upper arms.....Let us know if you are better now...Take care...

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