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varicose veins in left foot

hi,sorry i'm not sure what kind of question to ask,or where i need to post this,cause i dont know whats wrong with him.

my fiance has what looks like varicose veins in his left ankle,his ankle looks slightly bruised in same area,he also has numbness in his left leg from his hip to his knee.(which occurs at night time)he is on medication for high blood pressure,and cholesterol(no tablets) and he is only 28years old.last week he was at sleep study cause the doctor thinks he has sleep apnea,im more concerned with his heart or his circulaton.i know the doctor has his reasons for having sleep apnea on his mind,but does anyone else know if it could be possible that it could be his circulation?

thank you for reading and responding
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replied July 1st, 2009
hello..this is a circulation problem and more so where varicous viens are concerned..
They start to slow down the blood supply and then you get slight nodule developements.
my brother has sleep apnea due to being overweight and long as he keeps his feet up at times while sitting. walks regular and avoids standing still too long this usually helps..
maybe see his doctor for elasticated support stocking.
im not a doctor but a supporter here to advise you..any main concerns he should visit his doctor.
hope all goes well for you both.
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replied May 2nd, 2012
hi i m 31 and married.i hav pain on my left foot its look like sweealing i dnt know whts the reasson but i feel its vein pain may b blood is not cerculating properly thats way i m confused wht to do n also confused about the doctor to whom i hav to concern,if any one know in pakistan pls help me
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