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varicose pain due to chronic back pain

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hello, i started getting varicose veins on my right leg since i had my son, he is now 7yrs old. then i was diagnosed with degenerate facet desease, herniated disc and arthritis for two years now. since then i turned mylife around, started eating healthy went organic and chicken only. no red meat. exercise regularly and staying active. for about a year now, i get this feeling, tingling, crawling, feels really warm on my right leg which i think it's from my varicose veins, i cant sit or stand for too long. i'am constant shaking my legs off. and now i also feel it on my left leg but i have no varicose veins from it. the tingling feelings only starts from knee down.
My mother has severe vericose veins, i was wondering if i get them laser with that solve the problems. I take a lot of pain meds, from norco, motrin,lyrica for nerve pain, aleve and ambien to get some sleep. I had an ultrasound on my legs but everything is normal. i appreciated your input.
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replied July 4th, 2008
It sounds like what you're describing is degenerative disk disease, which can become worse over time and can lead to tingling feelings in your legs. Given the severity of your tingling feeling and the functional limitations it's now placing on you, it probably is time to consult with a neurologist, You also can start with your primary care physician, who can help you determine your next step or who you need to see. It seems that symptoms aren't due to vericose veins.

Good luck!
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replied July 4th, 2008
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Hello Msyoga,

I would highly recommend that you seek the advice of a spinal surgeon/neurologist. It is not wise for any of us to try and quess what our problem is. We all need the advice of a medical professional.

Seek out the very best spinal surgeon neurologist that you can find in your area.

I agree with Zak han that the symptoms most likely are not due to your vericose veins. I am not a doctor, however, from my personal experience and from what I have read, when you get that "tingling,crawling, feels really warm on my right leg" feeling, it can be caused by a pinched nerve in your spine. Only way to know is to seek the advise of the spine surgeon or/and neurologist.

I wish you the best.

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