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Varicocele and Hernia

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About 8 years ago, I had surgery to fix a varicocele on the left side of my scrotum.

I just had surgery to fix a hernia last week. I hurt it a few months ago and went to the doctor a few times to get it checked. The first time the doctor said it was probably just a pulled abdominal muscle. They told me to take some time off to let it heal. After a little more then a month off I started up exercising again and the pain was still there. I went to another doctor and after checking me he said I had all the signs and symptoms of a hernia but no lump. He sent me to a surgeon to get checked. He checked me out and said probably a pulled or torn muscle and to take some time off. I told him I already took time off and he says maybe it is a hernia and got orders for me to have a CT scan. After the CT scan he said there was something there and I decided to get surgery.

After I came out of the operating room the doctor told my family that there was a nylon suture in there from the previous surgery on my varicocele 8 years earlier. He said that suture caused some of the pain and might have caused the hernia. He also mentioned that there was an absurd amount of scar tissue from the suture. And normally it takes him about 5 minutes to get to where he needs after making the cut but with me and all the scar tissue it took him like 1 hour and 30 minutes. He said he removed the suture. And put in some mesh. The hernia was on my left side. Just below my waistline in my public region.

Is this a normal complication from a varicocele surgery? Or is it below the accepted standard of practice? How dangerous could this have been? And how often does something like this happen?
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