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For the last six months I have been having regular 'Vagus Nerve attacks' but it was only a couple of months ago that the consultant at casualty recognized a pattern and the symptoms and gave me a name for what is happening.
The attacks come on very suddenly after I have been to the toilet. My breathing virtually stops and the first few times this happened I went into a blind panic and really believed I was going to die from suffocation. I respond well to an oxygen machine but once my breathing is back to normal, my body rapidly goes into shock. My extremities become very cold, including my lips and nose, so much so that I am in acute pain. I shake violently and again, it feels like I am going to die. The hospital doctor says, this is because something is going wrong inside my body and all blood is rushing to that area.

At the hospital they have done the rudimentary heart check to make sure I wasn't having a heart attack and they tested me for COPD which was clear. The consultant said he was almost certain that my small intestines was causing this and wrote a letter to my doctor saying all avenues should be investigated.
I do suffer from asthma but only in the early summer months and during that time I take steroids.
My other symptoms are: rubbery legs when I walk (a feeling that my legs are giving in) feeling faint and dizzy when I walk up the stairs (not always but often), blotchy purple legs when I stand up for any length of time and the same on the inside of my arms and sometimes my stomach. An uncomfortable tightness at both sides of my neck and I'm tired all the time, hair loss, shaky in the morning and migraines.
My doctor has tested me for everything but my bowel. I have had scans everywhere but the heart, brain and bowel and all are clear. I have had every blood work done that he can think of including thyroid and diabetes and nothing has shown up.
I have asked if he will refer me to a bowel specialist but he seems reluctant and says, he doesn't believe it is my bowel.
I broke down and cried in his surgery yesterday and told him I'm scared, that I feel like I'm going to die and he reassured me that he believed it was 'irritable bowel syndrome and sent me off with a prescription for 'Fiber-gel' I looked up IBS and I have none of the symptoms.

I am a 48 year old woman with no previous illnesses apart from Lyme's disease which was fully treated.
I weigh 122 lbs and my weight has remained consistent.
I don't smoke, am only an occasional drinker and my diet is very healthy.
I usually swim daily, ride my horse and sail at least twice a week but am having difficulty with all of these things at the moment.

Is there any help out there?
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replied November 18th, 2011
you sound like you're having a lot of stress over this thing, i'm sorry. you probably should see a specialist or two, your intuition is correct! maybe just for another opinion at least, a second opinion is always a reasonable step to take. and maybe a psychiatrist or psychologist could help because that sounds like an anxiety-related issue and I've suffered similar episodes which have lessened with the help of my therapist as a means of de-stressing and guidance. you'll be fine, just don't put it off until matters are worsened! good luck!
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replied March 9th, 2014
Give it a try....
I too began having this problem. Exceedingly scary. I discovered that taking probiotics help immensely. Eating yogurt, including frozen yogurts is very beneficial. I also take Natrol, a probiotic. There are many brands to choose from. Culturelle is a big one alongside Natrol etc.
I also discovered that chewing your food very well, and drinking water intermittently while eating helps a great deal. I have learned that if I go without eating anything for several hours that when I do finally eat and then it is a significant amount, that that is when I am in the most danger of having these scary symptoms. I also take Apple Cider Vinegar tablets on occasion and Anti Gas pills when I do get the symptoms and effects we have all come to dread. Moving around seems to help lessen the intensity also. I can not stress taking probiotics and eating yogurt enough. I have also found relief by taking Hemp Oil. The non THC kind like Nutiva. I thank the Lord, Jesus Christ as I believe He guided me to find the above things I have mentioned that work.
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