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Vaginal Ulcer

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I've recently split up with my boyfriend and been feeling really low. I haven't been eating properly and have been ill for nearly a week. In the last couple of days 2 ulcer type marks have appeared on the lip of my vagina. There isn't any puss but its sore and looks horrible. A few months ago I was tested for STD's and was clear so wasn't sure if this was related to my body being run down. I've had a look at genital warts and it definately isn't that. Can anyone help with what it might be? How it can be treated? or if I need to see a doctor?
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replied February 12th, 2009
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First of all eat well...You have only just begun....You will love many times in life...

I would have this looked at if it is bothering you like you say....This alone will make you feel better.....

Good luck,
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