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Vaginal itching

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I have been dealing with vaginal itching (internal and external) on and off for the last three years. It began after my first time having intercourse on my honeymoon three years ago. That time I had a yeast infection. I do not have pain with intercourse. It comes in stages and once it is here it lasts for a long time and then it will just go away. Right now I have been dealing with this episode of itching for 4 1/2 months. I have seen lots of doctors and I get different answers. They rarely find bacteria or yeast. They think it is nerve related but the medicine they gave me to treat it is not helping significantly. I have tried tons of medicines and the natural medicines as well. I was wondering if the is anything else I could do or try. THis problem is interferring with my day to day life style and I can rarely have sex with my husband because of the itching.
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replied November 8th, 2009
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Sorry I do not know what it is but Vagisil makes an anti-itch cream that I used before with great relieve, of course I did not have the itchies like you do.

Best of luck!!
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