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Vaginal insertions seem to have caused problems

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I am a single woman of age 29 years. Since i was 19 yrs old I use to insert fingers in to my vagina. It began with fingers, pen and then to thicker things. I use to enjoy without knowing its consequences. I don’t practice such things anymore because I don’t enjoy it anymore. It doesn’t give me the same feeling (orgasm) or may be I have become sexless. Earlier, when I use to insert things, my vagina would be flooded with some thick fluid which has vanished now and my lower abdomen has swelled up. It seems I must have some problem in my cervix. Now, my parents want me to get married but I am scared and need your help: 1.Will my husband recognize that my vagina has been used for such purposes or has loosened? 2.What about the fluid? Will I be able to respond during intercourse? 3.Is there any medicine to get rid of this problem?
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replied March 25th, 2013
Extremely eHealthy

Firstly as your abdomen has become swollen you really need to go to your doctor to be certain everything is as it should be.

Your husband, if he is a well-adjusted and experienced modern man will not only know you have been using your vagina for self-pleasure, but will assume you have even without the experience of penetrating you.
Indeed he would probably believe there was something wrong with you if you had reached the age of 29 without experimenting and desiring sexual release.

Even though he might possess modern, informed and liberal thought such things are better not asked or told until a couple knows each other very well.

You were very fortunate to discover such pleasure from your vagina. Only a minority of women experience orgasm this way and the majority must gain that pleasure from stimulating the clitoris.
That you currently don't get pleasure this way might indicate some change in your sexual response or it might be because your swollen abdomen indicates an illness or infection.

Sexual arousal comes from the brain and ends there with orgasm. Your head needs to feel in the mood before caressing your genitals persuades the brain to cause the labia minora and clitoris to become erect and the flow of lubricating mucus begins in earnest.
Stress, worry, illness or medication are just a few things that can interrupt the process of arousal. I suggest you don't concern yourself too much about your lack of response.

You haven't become sexless and your former responses are likely to be restored when whatever is preventing your brain-genital connection being made has been removed or overcome.

Please visit your doctor as soon as you can for a gynae check-up.

Good luck!
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