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Vaginal eczema or latex allergy?

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Hello, I am a newcomer. I do have a question, though. I would like to preface this by saying that I am not trying to be crude or anything.

I am a 22 year-old engaged female. My fiance and I have been dating for 7 years. He had one partner before me, and I had two unwilling experiences before my fiance. Out of the six years we have been active together, I have not noticed any unusual growths on myself nor on my fiance.

I have completed a self exam and look to be pretty normal, but I am not really sure what to think about something.

I have a latex allergy, and have the skin condition known as eczema. My fiance and I are active and use condoms, as we feel they are the most effective. At the entry of my vagina I have little fleshy bumps; they are very small (tiny) and irregular, and kind of shiny.

I think that these could either be part of my rugae, hymenal remains, or an eczema outbreak of the vagina. I know that I cannot touch latex-backed rugs or my hands break out insanely.

I have tried to research vaginal eczema online, but have had no luck. I am normal; I do not have abnormal discharge or smells, any other abnormal lesions, and have a healthy color.

Has anyone experienced anything like this? I would appreciate any help that you could give to me. I know that vaginal eczema exists, but have not found any information on it. The bumps do remind me of eczema blisters, but it is kind of hard to see myself.

Thank you in advance for your thoughts.
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First Helper drews_lily

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replied October 19th, 2008
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ok, i don't have any answers for you (unfortunately) but maybe something i can tell you can help you draw your own conclusion.

it seems to me that you're thinking that this is possibly a latex allergy inside your vagina. i would think that if you are so allergic to latex that if you touch a latex backed rug your hands would break out, that your vagina would go crazy with it if you are using latex condoms.

so first: are you using latex condoms? if so, maybe stop using them and try something natural.

second: what caused you to notice these little bumps? did you feel them? did one of them bust or cause you to notice, or where you just looking at yourself down there and happen to notice them? do you look at yourself down there frequently enough know whether or not this is a new phenomenon? it's probably a good idea for us women to do so, just so we know what is "normal" for us. also, is it possible that these little bumps have been there all along and you just didn't notice them?

third: i know it's hard to look down there. do you have a lighted magnified make-up mirror? if not, then you ought to get one. this will help you putting on your makeup (and looking down there on occasion if need be).

fourth: you don't mention anything about pain. i'm assuming that these bumps aren't painful or itchy or anything else but present. i think if this was a by-product of an allergic reaction, there would be a lot of heat there, some itchyness, or pain, you might have some blotchy redness, etc. i don't know anything about eczema, but i would think that if it was eczema, there would be some kind of itchy/pain/something associated with that too...right?

this leads me to believe one of two things. 1) you probably aren't having an allergic reaction. so i'm leaning toward the conclusions of eczema (but i don't know anything about just seems logical).
2) it could be either something that has been there all along and maybe you haven't noticed it, or it could be something that came up recently and that would probably re-affirm the posibility of eczema although it could be something like genital warts (i feel like the genital warts thing is highly unlikely though, but that's a gut instinct thing much more than a conclusion i'm coming to from my vast (non-existent) knowledge.

in any event, probably a visit to the dr would be smart. this way you don't have to worry about it, and you'll know instantly what the deal is.

good luck sweetie. i hope you feel better!
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replied October 19th, 2008
Thank you for your reply!
My fiance noticed it first a long time after we starting making love, at least a couple of years. I never noticed myself before that time because I didn't have sex between relationships. I cannot really give an accurate account. However, two plus years of having regular sex with condoms would probably give me time to develop a reaction.

My fiance and I have been long-time users of latex condoms. I do have burning after having sex, but I associate that with friction and probably the latex. I do have some swelling.

I think that it could be something that I have always had. I know that the vagina is naturally textured, but I have never heard of small bumps.

I would think that in the nine years that I have been active (my first time wasn't willing), I would probably have developed some significant signs of HPV if I had it. I realize that HPV takes different forms, but these are very, very small, and reddish-shiny. The photos that I have seen of HPV the warts appear to be opaque; mine look more or less translucent. This is why I think it is eczema; they do look like the blisters I get on my hands.

I do try to look at myself frequently. I look really normal; I have a healthy color and have never experienced any unusual discharges or smells. I have never even had a yeast infection, but was subjected to a bad UTI when I was younger. I didn't wear cotton underwear; that is so important, I think, to good women's health.

I also don't believe that it is HPV because my fiance does not have any abnormal growths. He only has ingrown hairs. Although we use condoms to "finish," we actually initially start out with nothing-so if I did have HPV, I think it would be apparent on him as well.

Also, I think that the vagina is a very strong/resilient part of the body, so I know that it might be a little more difficult to notice symptoms. When my hands break out, it is hard to notice it until I start scratching.

I have not tried to pop the bumps because I do not want to injure myself. To get a little more personal, it is just beyond my hymenal remains, right at the entry. This might be weird, but do you have anything like that? It is like a fleshy, bumpy (tiny bumps) nodule of skin not even centimeters into the vagina.

I do appreciate your guidance!
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replied May 29th, 2012
wondering the same thing
I am having the same symptoms after a 3 day vacation in the woods, With my husband of 6 years. We do have 2 young children so we dont have sex as offten as we used to also condoms were something we just about never used the first 5 years of our realtionship- but due to the two children and i'm only 23 and he's 24 we have been using them every 2-4 days once. But we went camping just us two and have been doing it everyday and yesterday i started to feel swelling my vagina is really tight slightly painful and the nodules of skin are present at the internal opening, along with some slight burning and redness- i am linking it to the condoms and the friction it causes when doing it. I have very good paps and blood work and i have never had any infections like stds or anything, i am a healthy person and have only had 3 sex partners in my life, had two yest infection in my first pregnancy and after my second due to embalance of hormons. we have used condoms before but not as often as we have did it on vacation like 2 times aday.. i think its a latex allery as well.
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