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Vaginal Discharge / Herpes?

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I am asking this on behalf of my mum. First of all I would like to say that my mum is not sexually active (my dad passed away several years ago). Some of the symptoms I describe here may not be related to her vaginal issues but I include them here in case they are significant.

First my mother experienced some slight pain in her back just near to where her kidneys might be - on her left side I believe. She took some paracetamol and the pain was gone so she thought nothing more of it. The following week she started experiencing some discharges from her vagina. She described the discharge as being white in colour but it may well be yellowish as well. Also the vagina was swollen and my mum described it as 'looking like the insides have come out' She went to see the doctor who immediately said it was likely to be herpes when she looked at my mum's vagina. This was very confusing for my mum as she is not sexually active and we are not aware that my dad had herpes or other sexual health issues. I know that herpes can remain dormant but to us this seems like a very unlikely cause.

The doctor prescribed some anti-viral drug for my mother to take for a week. This made her feel very drowsy and generally unwell all the time. She also complained that it appears as though her stomach / waist area appears to be swollen - she is normally very thin. Also complained that her breasts felt swollen and her nipples very sensitive. We went to our local accident and emergency dept as we thought it could be an allergic reaction to the drugs. We were told that it was likely to be just the side effects of the drugs.

Mum has also said that she hasn't felt hungry as often as she used to. She normally eats very small portions of food but eats frequently as she feels hungry soon after. This hasn't been the case over the last week or so.

All of this is getting my mum very worried that something serious is wring with her.

I don't have much confidence in the doctor that my mum is seeing especially as she seemed to be very reluctant to answer more of our questions and just wanted us out so she can see the next patient. We are based in the UK were GP's are very over-subscribed since they are in effect a free service (paid for by tax payers). I am considering paying for private health care treatment for my mum.

Any help or advice would be very much appreciated.
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