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Vaginal DC w/o common STD symptoms (maybe)?

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Hi, new to posting. Med hx: I have 2 large Cysts and 1 small fibroid that are accompanied with pain and sexual discomfort. 3wks ago I had unprotected sex w/my friend and several times after. I was in that pregnancy window the 1st time, but my period has come and gone. During the last 2 days of the any period I call it drainage b/c its brownish and smells metallic or off. Shortly after my period was done, I started getting clear discharges no odor, just wet. I'm not used to that. Within the last week or so, I've noticed a brownish greyish discharge but no odor. I don't have any redness,itch, burn, yellow, clumpy or foul discharge or adnominal pain outside of the cysts. He's ok on symptoms too. Yesterday, I had the same discharge but it had small red cells and smelled metallic. Sex is also becoming increasingly painful fast (cysts getting worse). I would appreciate any info I can get. Thanks. Toshiba1
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replied April 28th, 2011
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