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Vaginal Atrophy due to nuva ring at 19yrs old?

Hi i have been using nuva ring off and on for a year and i half. I went to the gyno and she said i was experiencing pain during intercourse because of my nuvaring causing vaginal atrophy. She prescribed me vagifem. I am only 19 and i dont really want to use it. How long will i have to use it? Is it possible for me to stop using nuvaring all together so I do no have to use the vagifem?
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replied July 19th, 2012
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Vaginal atrophy is caused by a reduction in estrogen. The main reasons for this are menopause, breast feeding, cancer treatments and ovary removal.

The nuvaring still has estrogen in it, so I do not understand how the ring can cause a drop in estrogen. The ring has about 50% of the estrogen in birth control pills, but still more than you would have without it.

The questions on how long to take it is something to ask your doctor. Normally astrophy will resolve itself after a few weeks of the estrogen treatment. If you stop the ring, your estrogen levels will drop even lower.

Pain during sex is difficult to treat. Your doctor may be trying something to see if it helps.

Other things you can try for vaginal atrophy: If you smoke, stop. Make sure you go through sexual response cycle regularly (by yourself or with your partner), use lots and lots of water based lubricants, and keep on topping up during sex. Stretch out foreplay.

Did you have any other signs of a hormonal change? Change in cycle? Hot flushes? Change in discharge? Change in sexual appetite? Any other vaginal discomfort? Of course, being on the ring, and stopping and starting it can affect all of this? Did you have a history of painful penetration? Painful tampon use?
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