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Vagina Swollen Shut?

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on friday, me and my boyfriend had somewhat rough sex. we had been drinking and i wasn't really lubricated. he's really large..larger than i have ever had before. after we had sex, there was no swelling or discomfort at all. but on monday i noticed some minor swelling which i figured was completely normal and would go away in time. the next day the swelling at gotten worse and when pee it burns alot. my vaginal opening is really sensitive to touch and it appears to be swollen shut. i'm not sure if i had a vaginal tear because there is no bleeding at all. around the perineum, at the very edge of my vaginal opening, there is a small section on the left side of my vagina that is extremely, noticeably swollen. i have tried to open my vagina but it is way too painful when i touch it so i stopped trying. i also thought i might have a uti so i got some antibiotics to treat it from work but the antibiotics have given me a yeast infection. my question is has anyone else experienced this before? and is there anything i can do before going to the doctor.
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replied January 18th, 2010

I know exactly how you feel.
Ive been with my boyfriend for 6months now very much in love and happy together.

Because I was dry down there after wards I noticed in the shower my labia had swollen was painful indeed but I have had this a few times where I have been having sex for to long and its swollen but its gone down after 8 hours or so.
But this time it didnt when i went to go for a wee it felt like someone was setting my bits on fire I was crying from the pain I then looked down there with a mirror saw that I had 3 major cuts .
I looked online for home treatments and read suda cream *nappy rash cream* helps infact it made me even worse tolken powder is a no go!

I now have a bacterial fungal problem down there the cuts cant heal properly because I actually suffer from vaginal discharge and have since I was 12 since being on the pill its sometimes worse!
Its not dry enough down there.

I went and saw a nurse today she examined down there
I was given C0-amoxiclav a penicillin anti bacterial anti biotic I yet to wait to see if they will work.
She also gave me Instillagel - Anaesthetic Antiseptic Lubricant but because my cuts are not healing very well that just burns my cuts.

Im very swollen down there I have to wait it out for the next 2 days if there is not change back to my doctors I go!

Hope this helps I hope you feel better soon I am bit concerned maybe the Anti Biotic may give me a yeast infection Im rather senstive down there have to be careful with femine washing products

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replied February 17th, 2010
Well the swelling went down about 3 days later. But then 2 small bumps formed on the lips of my vagina and they kind of looked like blisters so i thought it was herpes so i got tested. the results came back negative and about a week later the bumps went away. about 3 weeks later those same bumps came back but this time it was around the vaginal opening. they weren't as painful as the first ones so i didnt really worry about it but i did go to the doctor to check it out. she said it was a yeast infection but i still asked her to do another std test. the test came back negative for everything. she gave me an antibiotic and the bumps went away. about two days ago i got the same bumps again. they dont hurt or burn, just itch and are a little irritated if i touch them. i have never had these bumps before having sex with my current boyfriend of 4 months. he doesn't have any of these symptoms. i thought it might be the laundry detergent i am using so i stopped but the bumps havent stopped or gone down. i recently found out that im allergic to latex so i will be using latex free condoms for now on. i havent had sex with my boyfriend since my first incident around new years so i dont believe its anything sex related. is anyone else experiencing this?
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replied February 17th, 2010
Especially eHealthy
nicolette, A latex allergy can certainly also be responsible for this.

It can also be a Skene's glands cyst or Bartholin's glands cyst. The Bartholin glands mouths out right next to your vagina into the vulva. These glands can get obstructed and form a cyst with the swelling.

Your boyfriend will most likely not show any signs of a yeast infection, even if you have unprotected sex during the infection (which you did anyways not have).

A latex allergy can certainly also be responsible for this.

Best of luck.
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replied February 18th, 2010
thanks susan :]

the bumps still have not cleared up and one of them has actually gotten a little bit bigger. they still dont burn, just itchy. i dont think its a yeast infection because im not having any thick discharge and the rest of my vagina doesn't itch, just the bumps. i have never heard of the cysts you mentioned so i will have to look into those. i will be making an appointment sometime next week also. thanks for your feedback!
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replied October 20th, 2010
hey, okay so about a week ago my boyfriend & i dry humped quite a lot and he fingered me very gently. & yesterday i was wearing a very thin thong.yesterday after taking off the thong i noticed that my vagina hole is very much swollen. is this caused by the dry humping,the fingering, the thong, or anything else that i need to be worried about?
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