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Vagina Rash-Virgin

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Well i'm 14, and a virgin and I've had these red small rash-like dots on the inner lips of my vagina. They are uncomfortable and irritating after I shower or shave. PLEASE HELP because I'm worried it's not normal
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replied June 19th, 2010
Especially eHealthy
Confused555888, You should not have hair on your labia minora so shaving the inner lips are not needed. It can be an allergic reaction/irritation to whatever you use down there. Soap, shaving gel, pads with deodorant, washing powder in your panties. You can also irritate it when you masturbate.

Make sure you wash only with a very mild unscented soap, or even better, clean water. Wear cotton panties to allow your vulva to stay dry and air out. Sleep without panties some times. Do not treat that area too harshly - do not pull or rub to hard, not even with a wash cloth or towel. Remember to wipe yourself from the front to the back on the toilet to keep bacteria from your anus out of your vulva. Dab it dry carefully after swimming/shower/bath. Wetness is not good for long periods of time.

If it does not resolve itself, speak to your mom.

Best of luck.
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