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Vagina itchy after Nuvaring

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A month ago I had to go through a procdure where I couldnt keep my baby, as I was pregnant.

My boyfriend and I decided that I would go on Birthcontrol for the next while. So i ended up trying Nuvaring.

Now i havnt been on BC for probably 4 years and Ive never done the Nuva ring before.

I inserted it 20 some days ago like I was suppose to, and I didnt have a problem... No irritation, no bleeding, no nothing - worked like it was suppose to.

Two days ago I was suppose to remove the Nuva ring so I can start my period.

Ever since I removed it, my vagina has been INCREDIBLY ichy.
Ive never had a yeast infection before, and there is No discharge from my vagina.

Its just very red inside...dry...and very ichy. No discharge.

And i know that this is ever since i removed the nuva ring. I do see my doctor for another 2 weeks for a physical.
I have no STD's and have been recently tested while my procedure a month ago.

What could be causing this ich?
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