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UTI transmission during sex ?

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I noticed about 1 week ago when I would go to the rest room my urine had a foul order. I got up one morning and when I burned really really bad after urinating. I do not have any type discharge from my body. The only symptom I experienced is burning. My boyfriend is very mad at me because he says he is experiencing severe pain when he urinates. I began drinking cranberry juice and stopped drinking coke, tea, just juice. within 2 days pain stopped and foul odor left. My question is can my boyfriend get a UTI from having sex with me?
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replied September 17th, 2009
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Most of the cases of urinary tract infections are caused by bacteria that is normally found in bowels and may live on the skin near the anus, known as Escherichia coli.
During a sexual intercourse penile motions can pushed forward bacteria around the anus towards the woman's urethra.
The same bacteria may travel up to man's urethra, causing UTI in both partners.
Studies have confirmed that this bacterium, e.coli can be transmitted from one sex partner to another partner.
Your boyfriend shouldn't be angry at you, cause this isn't a STD you had acquired before the last sexual encounter.
This UTI has resulted from your last sexual activity, and if he wants to avoid it next time he should use protection.

Best wishes!
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