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UTI-do i really need to go see a doctor?are there home remedies

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2 days ago i started having an urgency to urinate-but with little urine that wd pass out, a burning sensation after urination, some drops of blood after urination- all this was after having sex with my boyfriend.i went to a local cvs pharmacy n i was told i probably had a UTI. the pharmacist told me to get some AZO medication for urinary pain relief. i have been taking these for the past 2 days n the symptoms have reduced.My question is- do I still need to go see a doctor even though the symptoms have reduced? I dont have any money to go see a doctor right now- are there any home remedies i could use to get rid of the infection totally without antibiotics? Are there any risks of not taking antibiotics?
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replied June 29th, 2010
do not use antibiotics coz it was due to them that i damaged my urinary balance.
Take immediately d-mannose and morinda citrifolia altogether . There is a very good product called Ausilium and you have to take it immediately after sex and also the day after.
It's completely natural and so it does not give any side effects.
The product is traded by a distributor in London and it does not cost a lot.
I have been using it for one year and I can say it's going very well.
I do suggest it because I solved my uti problems with it. Don't wait because it's important to treat it immediately.
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