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UTI cause low back pain and low fever???

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i just went to my doctor ..for a check up..cause i feel constant lower back pain..
i undergo with urine test.
and they find out that i have urinary tract infection ..

but i don't feel any burning sensation when i pee.
i just got low fever and lower back ..

they advice some antibiotics and pain reliever for the said infection,

is it really possible to have UTI even if i don't feel any pain when i pee.

just low fever and lower back pain???
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replied July 15th, 2010
If the doctor did a urine test and confirmed a UTI then you have a UTI. You can feel low back pain because that is where your kidneys are. And yes, an infection can cause the fever. You should feel lucky that you don't have pain when you pee....I had frequent bladder infections when I was younger and it is NOT pleasant at all! Take your antibiotics and balance them with some probiotic yogurt so reduce side effects.
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replied July 17th, 2010
thankyou for the response Wink
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